old new

Today picked up some hours at my old new job. I don’t officially start until January, but they need someone to come in a be an extra body since my supervisor and friend M has left to go on vacation. Md, my other supervisor and friend, is going to start focusing on building the outreach program and had to transition out of being a program facilitator for her group. I’ll be resuming my old role as program facilitator for the oldest group. There were some tears today from one of the group members. Sugar crash+beginning of holiday break+sad about Md leaving the group = lots and lots of tears. Though that made me nervous for a bit – is this really how we’re starting out? – in the end it was alright.

Being able to do projects and activities with these kids again is providing me with a renewed sense of excitement and purpose. Also, it gives my days a structure, which my writing really needs. Now that my office is cleaned up, I can spend my mornings in there getting some work done. Then, in truth, I get to go play games, make art, and do science experiments for four hours.

Well, I also have to drive a van to go pick people up from school. But, besides that!


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