Today is my yoga goal halfway point. On December 30th, I went to my first class and decided I would give it a month. While it’s easy for me to get caught up in what I can’t do – headstands, going from plank position to cobra in one fluid motion while keeping my core strong, touch my nose to my knees – it might do me some good to focus on what I have accomplished. It’s not a lot, mind you. I’ve only attended seven classes.

1. My heels can almost touch the floor in downward-facing dog.

2. There is an awareness of my posture now. I don’t cock my hip to the side as much and find myself adjusting when I do stand unevenly.

3. My back is getting stronger. It still has a lot of pain, but if I focus on what I eat a little more, I know I will release a lot of that.

4. Feeling a little more patient with things. Not a lot.

5. I’m realizing my overwhelming need for control/perfection. That is sort of related to number 4, but it’s a big trigger for me. After only seven classes, I still find myself getting frustrated with my inability to do or achieve certain things. It came out after my first sewing class where I used a sewing machine for the first time ever in 30 years. I felt anger at not being able to deftly sew a pillow. While yoga/being in my body hasn’t cured me of that (and I don’t expect it to), it has helped me get back to a place of grounding. I may not be the most accomplished 29 year old, but I refuse to let a sheltered life define me anymore.

So, there are five really good things that have come from being committed to my health for fifteen days. Here’s hoping the next fifteen are just as affirming.


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