Messy Schedule

Fell behind on my health routine this week, which is okay. Or so I keep telling myself. There was a wonderful surprise visit from E and the boys on Monday morning. Then there kept being less valid excuses like being too tired from an insane day at work which cannot sustain as a valid reason. Working with kids means I’ll always have exhausting days. My goal with getting my old job back was to not let it drain away energy from my personal life.

I’ve got a lot of great things on my plate, though! Sewing classes are going well and I have a bunch of projects flying around in my head. For the first time in a good, long while, I’ve been wanting to stay busy. The first project is making a fabric beaded curtain for the archway to my office (only minus the beads). The other one is this modge-podge collage. HA! That’s kind of an adorable rhyme.

Since the cards I’ve been making to maybe sell on etsy can’t be collage due to my irrational fear of copyright infringement, this will be a way to do collage without risking taking other people’s art without consent. I think it’s a beautiful project, too!

Soon, gardening will begin. At the behest of Melissa and another farming savvy co-worker, my husband C and I will be starting small. I’m thinking tomatoes and bush beans in pots. Maybe some chard in pots as well. Our backyard needs a lot of prep work and I also want to focus on getting bee-friendly drought tolerant flowers for the front yard.

So, sometimes a week of a messy schedule means finding things to be passionate about later on! And I also found the time to be active this morning at home on the stationary bike. There’s that flexibility I love so much.


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