Wind and sails

Once again, it’s been a while. I’m not a big posting every day blog person. My day to day life is pretty mundane. That being said, there have been some changes that I’ve been hesitant to post about because as soon as I start discussing something, it stops being effective.

In preparation for a busy and active summer, I’ve added circuit training/strength training to my daily routine. Also, I’m still in the “obese” range of weight and if I want to make any progress in my life, I think I have to shed some of this baggage.

For me, weight is baggage. It’s not just laziness, although that is part of it, because it’s also depression and anxiety and panic. It’s years of unproductive notions and beliefs. Today I’m pretty frustrated because after losing a good and safe 3 pounds, I gained 2 pounds back after an ill-advised wheat binge. While I was already pretty certain on the wheat being bad for me thing, today proved it. After ONE day of not working out, my balance, strength, and stability were gone. Wheat just takes it out of me and now, I’m feeling disappointed.

One day at a time and all that.

Work is both fine and stressful. It definitely tests my willpower and challenges me to be faithful to myself. Each day needs to be an intentional one if I’m to stay solid for these girl who each are going through some hard transitions in their lives. The preteens are the group I’ve had a lot of interaction with and it always serves as a reminder of who I was and a reflection of who I am and want to be. That’s why each day needs to be entered into with forethought. While I might not be the most popular of facilitators, I do want to be remembered as one who listened. I don’t want to be the adult that didn’t hear them when they were desperate to be heard. I know what that’s like and I carry it with me still.

Maybe soon I’ll do some less woo-woo hippie posts and focus on what is frustrating me in the media (Bones), what I’m loving (Downton Abbey), and all that is tied to those things.


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