Now that spring is full on flirting with us, I’ve been getting outside a lot more. Starting a tiny but manageable beginner’s garden. That really means a few pots with some herbs and morning glories, but whatevs. Right now, I’m on the front porch drinking coffee and listening to the crazy rock doves coo their tiny dinosaur brains out. Shufs finally has a day off. So far, it’s been a lovely morning.
The depression is still festering. It comes out a lot at night. The plum pit stagnation is less today, but the frustration is still present. There’s also the daily anxiety. It manifests in awful ways, ways that paralyze. Emotions so heavy and raw, they choke me. Night is when it’s hardest to breathe.
Nevertheless, it’s moving. Slowly. Awkwardly. Painfully. It’s morphing into something smaller and more dense. I feel it; I move around it.


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