Shufs left last Friday to visit our baby nephew in Boston. He’s had a handful of heart problems that, while persistent, have not diminished his spirit or adorableness. Little Nephew is stalwart and stubborn. Sedatives and pain meds go right through him and he coughed up his respirator after decided he didn’t need it anymore. No worries, dudes. I got this breathing thing under control. I am often amazed at the progress reports. Little Nephew handles most life bullshit better than most grown ass adults. Including me.

The first few days of Shuf’s absence left me feeling listless. Yesterday, I decided to put away laundry. This resulted in a total closet reorganization and I fled to work to escape it for a while. Plans with a friend on Thursday have pushed me even further into my to-do list. Clean kitty litter. Clean off counter. Clean out fridge. Go grocery shopping.

When I went to go water the plants, the song of bees filled the crab apple tree in the back. Every branch I looked at had a bee dancing around it. I leashed up the cat(not a euphemism. He needs to go on walks every now and then), and walked around the backyard taking pictures and recording the tree to try and catch the sound for Shufs. I sent him three videos like a crazy person. But the bees! The bees! It’s the best sound in the world.



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