A tale told by an idiot

Today, I made the decision to take a Facebook sabbatical. Not all social media, just FB. I have friends who live in other areas that I still want to have some contact with and the internet is, right now, the best way to do that. Facebook has long been the refuge of psuedo-news and half-hearted […]

Wind and sails

Once again, it’s been a while. I’m not a big posting every day blog person. My day to day life is pretty mundane. That being said, there have been some changes that I’ve been hesitant to post about because as soon as I start discussing something, it stops being effective. In preparation for a busy […]

Messy Schedule

Fell behind on my health routine this week, which is okay. Or so I keep telling myself. There was a wonderful surprise visit from E and the boys on Monday morning. Then there kept being less valid excuses like being too tired from an insane day at work which cannot sustain as a valid reason. […]


Lots of happenings, well, happening. Sometimes it comes in waves, amirite? First, my dad got pneumonia. This is sort of an issue because he’s had major stomach surgery last winter and is still dealing with healing from that. My dad gets aneurysms that need to be operated on before they burst and this has, from […]