Learning How to Love

Four months into parenthood, and I feel like a different person. Not only have I gone through immense physical changes over the past year – going from pregnant to childbirth to maintaining a child on the outside – there has been amazing emotional growth. I’m incredibly thankful for the chance to go deeper and learn […]

Strength and Mutability

The holidays were wonderful and busy. I found I missed having some activity in my day to day life. Not crazed, mile-a-minute things, but manageable portions of social interaction, physical exertion, and even some artistic endeavors. It was also a time of big choices. Not making them, necessarily, but being presented with them. In this […]

don’t call it a comeback

And I’m back, after a minor pre-holiday panic and a holiday whirlwind. I’m INFJ in terms of Myers Briggs Personality outcomes. Mostly introverted and feeling. I’m feeling tired and in need of minor retreat. Not for days or weeks on end, but for maybe most of today. Wanting to the get house straightened a bit. […]