Little Dude’s been up since 3. I’m currently not tired, so it’s ok. We’re both just sitting up in bed, working on our hobbies: I’m playing with him and blogging; he’s playing with me and crawling.

Outside the door, I can hear the cats meowing and scratching on furniture. They know some humans are awake. This means there are people who could be feeding them.

Shufs is snoring away. We stayed up late, well, late for us. We watched both Ghostbusters in memory of Harold Ramis. Little Dude stayed up later than usual. He just wasn’t tired. No worries. These things happen. His tooth broke through. He’s moved onto a decent crawling stage. It’s not the most elegant method of transport, but I’m not that graceful either. Shufs has a cartoonish grace that suits him.

Ok, eye rubs and fussing. Time to go to sleep.


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