Little Dude’s been up since 3. I’m currently not tired, so it’s ok. We’re both just sitting up in bed, working on our hobbies: I’m playing with him and blogging; he’s playing with me and crawling. Outside the door, I can hear the cats meowing and scratching on furniture. They know some humans are awake. […]

Some Changes

So, I kept saying that I didn’t want this to become a mommy blog, but I felt weird having my family opinions mingle with my political, pop culture, and social beliefs. What if someone was looking for breast feeding advice and stumbled across a post about rape culture? Unprepared, that could be a little jarring. […]

Raising Feminist Sons

* Guest Contributor Shannon Brugh grew up in northern Idaho, but later moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington, where she received her B.A. in English Literature. After receiving her Masters in Teaching from Seattle University, Shannon went on to teach high school English. In addition to her contributions to Rattle & Pen, she can be found…

Public Moments

I’m writing with the understanding that it’s being said in a public space. Trigger warning: Discussions of child abuse. My friend recently wrote a blog post about why an over abundance of the presences of small children on social media makes him uncomfortable. The main point being that the Internet isn’t private. It’s public and […]

Originally posted on domaphile:
We have a problem in our house and it goes something like this: Child: Can I have some  (juice, kefir, water, milk, moonshine)? Adult:  Why, of course! pulls out cup, fills it halfway with desired liquid. Child:  Thanks! proceeds to drink 1/2 – 2/3rd of liquid, leaving the rest and runs off.…